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Lead Like Jesus 2018


11th and 12th May

Place: Renuka City Hotel No. 328, Galle Road, Colombo

Ticket: LKR.5000/= (Includes Meals, Refreshments, Workbook & Study guide. )

Book by calling:

Lasantha – 0718349157
Nancy – 0757593593
Anoma – 0719281375

Organised By Sri Lanka Campus Crusade For Christ.

Lead Like Jesus” is a two days Leadership Encounter which is a highly interactive, participant-driven leadership development workshop that exposes common leadership misconceptions and offers a practical model based on the greatest leader role model of all time, Jesus.

Lessons from the Greatest Leader Role Model of All Time 

Lead Like Jesus transcends all relationships and cuts to the heart of the matter—leading like Jesus will change you and the lives you touch.


  • To look at Jesus Leadership and His model and results are different than or similar to yours.
  • To remind us of what we believe is true- knowing and doing it!
  • To understand our critical leadership problems as well the solution – which only this model offers and truly works.
  • To focus on understanding the number one issue in leadership – The Leader!


  • In a two day encounter, the participants gain all the resource material through facilitation and not through teaching.
  • The mixed bag of learning methodologies makes the adult participant unravel the truth by themselves and at their pace of comprehension.
  • It is an on-going lifestyle change with study guides, devotionals, after words- audio messages and like support being offer,

Overview of the encounter

The transformational leadership cycle unraveling the elements as we encounter with Jesus as the role model.

The various dimensions of leadership:

  • The Heart: Leadership begins in the heart and how important a changed heart is to your leadership.
  • The Being Habits: Why the connection with the Father is critical in the life of a leader.
  • The Head: To establish and translate Jesus vision, values & priorities in the organization and home.
  • The Hands: Our behaviors will follow once we make the heart and head connections.
  • The Doing Habits: The demonstration of what we believe through four key doing habits.

The Doing Habits: The demonstration of what we believe through four key doing habits


“You’ll never be or lead the same again!”

  • Life – changing
  • Opportunity to form and experience the value and power of small group support.
  • To develop personal goals.
  • A recommitment to a better way to lead.
  • Tools for assessment and development.


WORKSHOPS will be delivered by Accredited Facilitators of “Lead Like Jesus”


Mr. Prem Sarkar

Mr. Prem Sarkar


Mr. Prem Sarkar – Accredited Facilitators of “ Lead Like Jesus”

Prem Sarkar is the Founder & CEO of Harvest Group involved in offshore transcription Services & training – Media and Creative designing – He has over 25 years of expertise in Sales & Marketing -Merchant banking – Capital markets -Creative Design & Social Media Marketing

He is the recipient of three National Awards- Rashtrya Rattan Award -, Pride of India Award and the Rajiv Gandhi Shiromoni Award from the Global Economic Council for his individual achievement and distinguished service to the nation and was nominated in 2017 as India’s best 5000 MSME companies

On mission front, Prem is a Certified Strategy coordinator for Church planting movement- Ex. Vice President of The Gideon International – And an Accredited Facilitators & Society member of Lead Like Jesus Society providing leadership training to professional and business folks.He is also involved in marketplace ministry with Campus Crusades Leader Impact team .Prem serves His calling through his business and community.

He lives in Bangalore with his wife Sunita a businesswoman and two adult sons

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Prem Sarkar – Harvest Group

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