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8th and 9th April 2017 (Saturday and Sunday)

Organised By:  

Sri Lanka Campus Crusade For Christ.


NCEASL, 95 Galle Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka


 Mr.L Selvam George
Owner, 5E serpraise and HR Consultant focusing on corporate training, OD and sr level executive search
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The Leadership Encounter workshop affords participants an interactive 2-day experience designed to introduce them to “Lead Like Jesus” and begin the transformation process of becoming a servant leader.

This interactive program, based on the leadership model of Jesus, is designed to help leaders find new fulfillment and effectiveness in creating long-term value and positive change in both their personal and professional relationship.

Booking collection will be ended on 30th March 2017


  • To look at Jesus Leadership and His model and results are different than or similar to yours.
  • To remind us of what we believe is true- knowing and doing it!
  • To understand our critical leadership problems as well the solution – which only this model offers and truly works.
  • To focus on understanding the number one issue in leadership – The Leader!


  • In a two day encounter, the participants gain all the resource material through facilitation and not through teaching.
  • The mixed bag of learning methodologies makes the adult participant unravel the truth by themselves and at their pace of comprehension.
  • It is an on-going lifestyle change with study guides, devotionals, after words- audio messages and like support being offer,

Overview of the encounter

The transformational leadership cycle unraveling the elements as we encounter with Jesus as the role model.

The various dimensions of leadership:

  • The Heart: Leadership begins in the heart and how important a changed heart is to your leadership.
  • The Being Habits: Why the connection with the Father is critical in the life of a leader.
  • The Head: To establish and translate Jesus vision, values & priorities in the organization and home.
  • The Hands: Our behaviors will follow once we make the heart and head connections.
  • The Doing Habits: The demonstration of what we believe through four key doing habits.

The Doing Habits: The demonstration of what we believe through four key doing habits


  • Life – changing
  • Opportunity to form and experience the value and power of small group support.
  • To develop personal goals.
  • A recommitment to a better way to lead.
  • Tools for assessment and development.

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