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Lead Like Jesus

“Lead Like Jesus 2017”

Praise the Lord, dear leaders, we are so happy to say that “Lead like Jesus “encounter was done successfully. Those who participated felt that there is no such powerful challenging workshop ever happened in the sphere of leadership encounterings they have been involved with. Please see some of the Highlighting comments of participants. By the way, this is not going to be the end, The good news is we will come with another encounter very soon be in touch, we highly recommend this workshop as we tasted it value by experience now.

Testimonies of participants

Pradeep Fernando

It was a wonderful experience to encounter the servant leadership model. It is a lifetime journey knowing that who am I and whose am I with my audience. Praise be to God.


I came because my boss nominated me.I said I don’t need another Christian Leadership Program. I was neutral to this and thought OK I will go and see …

First of all, I would say this is a very timely meeting, this is a divine appointment because for the last few weeks and months I have been saying to God.. Lord I want to live out you whole 100%. I want to get to know you better, I want to know you; not about you. Whole my life I have been teaching about you. But I really don’t know you. I want to know you. And you said this workshop as Lead Like as Jesus Led.. but more than about leading I really came to know Him .

About facilitators, I would say Jaya and George as massagers who add value to the message. There is a value addition by the messenger. I was carefully watching both of you. I want to Glorify God for your lives. Hearing life stories I was really blessed and encouraged. Thank you for the commitment and determination. I am blessed

Joel Samuel

I would this workshop is like a supermarket , Under one roof we could buy any thing. I got so much of insights.


I did not know what going to happen, but you made us such a way that we could run through this encounter. Now we are on a track , so I have to continue this. I think some think God is calling me.

Another participants

This is more than a leadership seminar. My life was changed,


Initially I was not willing to attend this program, actually the day before the program only we decided to come to this. Just after meeting Sister Jaya I asked is this an Evangelistic program or training program for teachers? But she said none of those but you may know as you go through the program. Now I would say that all the studies , discussions , activities and teaching changed my life , Ultimately I felt like the program turn to my side , In so many programs we talks about pastors and other leaders faults ,But in this program we were able to encounter our own faults , I learnt how to handle my mind heart and habits ,

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