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“Arise” was a one-day seminar which was done by one volunteer of Faith and Law of Leader impact ministries – September 2016. And it was a wonderful attempt to mobilise legal professionals to be connected and address different topics relevant to the field together.

Faith and Law provides evangelism and discipleship training to lawyers, judges, law students and professors. It helps legal professionals to:

  • Reconnect with God at a deeper level
  • Reflect Christ’s priorities in their lives through the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Build relationships with God, Family, Friends, in the Workplace and our Communities
  • Recognize the platform God has given us to share the Good News of Jesus Christ
  • Get practical training to identify places and ways within our spheres of influence where we can be effective representatives of Christ
  • Integrate their faith into their practice of law.


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  1. Great work ..

  2. It’s a great bless to see the future of the Sri Lankan law enforcement officials become more faithful due to the faithful service of our Christian lawyers.

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